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New Project Completed Spring 2021, The Anton, boutique hotel
Location: Port Antonio, Portland, 

I was hired by an existing client to be the principal architect for this luxurious adventure in the San San hills of Portland, Jamaica. The project began in the Spring of 2019, before any of us knew about the tragic effects of Covid-19. By Spring 2020 the project was experiencing some major setbacks with production and shipping delays due to the global shutdown. But despite all the setbackswe always found ways to make it work, build new relationships, and worked together to achieve our goals. The Anton Villas, boutique hotel, opened its doors to its first visitors in the Summer of 2021.

*See below for before and after photos.



Recent Project: Completed Summer 2022, 3 level home
Location: Hamptons, New York

Interior design. This project is the client's second home, so we had a fresh start. This house is very private with lush greenery all around the house. We brought much of the outdoor inside, especially the colors scheme. This project was fun, and we definitely added some bold looks throughout the house combined with classic piece, and enhanced with lush modern accents.

New Project: Completed Summer 2021, condominium
Location: Chambers St. Downtown Manhattan, New York

Interior design. A beautiful, spacious newly purchased condominium, with large windows and beautiful views of Downtown ManhattanThis was our 3rd project with this client.

Recent Project: Completed Fall 2016, combining 2 condominiums (2 level)
Location: Broadway, Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York

Principal interior architect, private residence, condominium for a family who purchased a 2nd floor below their condominium, and wanted to combine it for a larger space. This was a 2 year project.

Recent Project: Completed Fall 2019, waterfront view condominium
Location: New Rochelle, New York